Tealive推出 “DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit” · 帮你解奶茶瘾!


国民奶茶品牌Tealive为了不让民众在家闷得“发霉”,特别推出DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit珍珠奶茶自制套组,让民众可以在家自制,解决想喝奶茶的欲望。

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Dear Customers, THANKS FOR ORDERING YOUR DIY BUBBLE TEA KIT! Times may be tough, but our love for tea comes easy 😀 This bubble tea kit is specially curated for tea lovers, who are setting their cravings aside just to stay home for the benefit of others. We had to find a way to reward such thoughtfulness. At this time, how else can we bring joy through tea while still staying safe? The answer is clear; it's none other than through the very hands of those who love it! Inspired by Tealive's Signature Bang Bang series, you'll find the ingredients & instructions needed to recreate these drinks, right at home! To order? Just PM me. Remember to post & hashtag #MyBubbleTeaKit, we'd love to see your creations! Stay safe. #StayAtHome

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创办人Bryan Loo吕伟立在私人Instagram上传了DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit的照片。套组里包含了1kg珍珠、3包Milklab牛奶、20支纸吸管、500g红糖、75g抹茶粉和咖啡粉等。这些材料能制作出Tealive的畅销饮料,Brown Sugar Fresh Milk、Brown Sugar Matcha Latte、Brown Sugar Hojicha Latte、Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso和Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte等等。

套组非常贴心地附上了制作Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso和Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte饮料的完整教学,如果有任何看明白,可以到Bryan Loo的Instagram (@bryan_loob)的story highlight参考教学影片。

Tealive推出的珍珠奶茶自制套组价格为RM150,包括运费 (只限地区KlangValley与Peninsular Malaysia)。套组的份量足以制作20杯,可以和家人一起分享,暂时解一解奶茶瘾!


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