[COVERAGE] BEAST Ordinary Fan meet 2015 in Singapore


24 September, 2015 – BEAST is finally come back to meet their dedicated fans in Singapore after 3 years waiting with BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet. The fan meet kicked off with their new song “YeY”and followed up with their popular songs “Good Luck” and “12:30. It was an amazing night with full of screams and love for BEAST with waving their grey rose light-sticks from their dedication fans,B2uties.

After their performances, the members of BEAST; Doojun, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Yoseob, Dongwoon and Kikwang showed up on stage and greeted with self-introductions. The boys expressed how much they have missed and thankful to B2uties for waiting them. “I just cannot control myself from smiling because I’m so happy to be back here after 3 years! “, Kikwang said.


The first game in the fan meet, where the boys had to guess a simple quiz game about Singapore. The first question was regards to the national flower of Singapore. Their fans were giving hint to the boys using the number cards to represent their answers. Unfortunately, DuJun scored the least points and got punished by the members. After the quiz game, the boys continued to perform “On Rainy Days”, “I Think I Love You” and “Special”.

The lucky fans were chosen earlier to participate in a fan games with the members, the games required each memebers to listen to a local songs and the fans had to guess. Surprisingly, Dongwoon singing “Our Singapore” and Yoseob singing “Reach Out For The Skies” for the whisper challenge. After the games, then back to perform their famous songs “Shock” and “Shadow”. It was almost the encore, all the members expressed their loved and thankful the fans. And also promised to come back soon for a concert. The boys continued to perform for their encore performance “How to Love” and “Encore”.


We would like to thank Three Angles Group Management and IME Productions for the invitation to this event.

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