Home Events “百变天后” 蔡依林 《2015 PLAY 世界巡回演唱会》 新加坡站

“百变天后” 蔡依林 《2015 PLAY 世界巡回演唱会》 新加坡站

“Asia’s Dancing Pop Diva” Jolin Tsai will be holding her brand new concert, ‘JOLIN TSAI 2015 PLAY WORLD TOUR – SINGAPORE’ at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 25 July 2015! The highly acclaimed PLAY World Tour which kicked off in Taipei Arena last month was a resounding success, with all four shows’ tickets snapped up in minutes. Known for her impressive dance choreography and having last performed in 2011 on this sunny island, Jolin is finally back after four years and is set to thrill and “PLAY” with her fans this July.

The concept of this concert is an extension of her latest album PLAY which relays how life on stage, new experiences and insights has helped her to gain experience and wisdom over the last two years, while demonstrating the inherent desire to perform and reprise different roles in six splendid themes.

For the first time, Jolin has assembled a team of internationally renowned talents to collaborate for this concert. Apart from inviting Hollywood talents, she has also roped in Hong Kong Fashion Icon, Wyman and Hong Kong famous stage dresser Thomas Chan to transform herself into “Broadway diva”, “Mermaid” and “Greek goddess”. Further, prominent duo director Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, who have worked with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, have been invited by Jolin to come onboard as the concert’s creative directors. They have handpicked 14 top choreographers from Europe, USA and South America for Jolin with the aim to design and choreograph a crazy dance atmosphere. “Together with my production team, we flew to Los Angeles to select 12 most suitable dancers and underwent “hell week” training for two weeks, specially for this concert. Some of my classic dance ballads choreography have also been rearranged just to give my fans a big surprise!” said Jolin.

In addition to the lavish costumes and dance performances, Jolin revealed that the set list will not only include popular tunes like “Prague Square”, “Rewind”, “Love Thirty-Six”, but will also see her performing songs from her new album such as “The Third Person and I”, “Play”. Since her debut 16 years ago, Jolin has several representative works throughout her music career and fans can look forward to see her perform these works in a different style after so many years.



新加坡 - 有着“亚洲流行天后”、“百变天后”等诸多称谓的蔡依林即将于 7 月 25 日 在新加坡室内体育馆举办《蔡依林 2015 PLAY 世界巡回演唱会新加坡站》。巡演今年 5 月在台北小巨蛋起跑,四场演唱会门票瞬间售罄,受到广大的好评及口碑,盛况空前的演出 7 月在狮城再度上演。

此次巡回演唱会将延伸新专辑《呸》的概念,表达蔡依林两年来对人生舞台的新体验和领悟,同时展现内 在的表演欲望,在演唱会不同的主题中饰演不同的角色,从而契合“Play”的含义。此外,这也是蔡依林首度尝 试与世界各地精英班底合作,不仅请到来自好莱坞的特效人员,并与“香港潮流教宗” Wyman (黄伟文)及香港著 名舞台服装设计师 Thomas Chan (陈裕光)等一线服装做型设计师合作,打造“百老汇名伶”、“希腊女神”等风格 多变的造型,会将“完美性感”与“角色扮演”进行到底。

时隔 4 年重返新加坡开唱的蔡依林表示,“为了这次演唱会,制作团队在洛杉矶征选出 12 名最合适的舞者, 而舞蹈老师也将我的经典舞曲重新编舞,并在洛杉矶接受密集的“魔鬼式”舞蹈训练,到时候会给歌迷们一大惊喜。”此外与“流行乐之王”迈克杰克逊和 Lady Gaga 合作演唱会的双人导演 Travis 跟 Stacy 也为蔡依林邀请了 14 位来自欧洲、美国、南美洲的顶尖舞蹈老师,准备打造疯狂玩美的舞蹈风格,保证舞力全开 High 翻新加坡室 内体育馆!

除了令人目不转睛的服装造型以及精彩舞蹈,蔡依林也透露曲目上是怀旧与新意并存,不仅将带来《日不 落》、《倒带》、《爱情三十六计》等代表性歌曲,更会演唱新专辑中的《第三人称》、《Play 我呸》等大热曲目。 从青涩的少女到如今的天后,出道至今的蔡依林每个阶段都有极具代表的作品,在此次新加坡演唱会上,蔡依 林将和大家一起完整的回顾这段历程,相信如今的她当再次演唱十几年前的作品时一定会另有一种风格。

《蔡依林 2015 PLAY 世界巡回演唱会新加坡站》是由 IMC Live Group 以及 Star Planet 荣誉呈现。