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Rich Man

Premieres 10 May 2018,
Every Thursday & Friday, 21:15pm (SGT)
Within 24 hours of Korea

Encore every Sunday
(2 episodes back-to-back), 22.30pm (SGT)

Rich Man is a 16-episode romance melodrama starring EXO’s Suho (The Universe’s Star), Ha Yeon-soo (The Legendary Witch), Oh Chang-suk (Defendant) & Kim Ye-won (Revolutionary Love). Adapted from the popular Japanese drama of the same name, Rich Man tells a story about the life of a young businessman and his relationship with a highly talented computer professional.

Lee Yoo-chan (Suho) is the CEO and founder of IT company, Next In. Now, it is the most desirable place for young professionals to work at. Yoo-chan is a genius programmer who values skills more than relationships, machines more than people. Although he has everything in life, including talent and good looks, Yoo-chan suffers from a condition where he can’t recognise faces. However, his life takes an unexpected turn after he meets Kim Bo-ra (Ha Yeon-soo); a highly talented woman.

Kim Bo-ra was born in the countryside on Jeju island. Famous in her hometown for being smart, she is the pride and joy of her family. Bo-ra’s family has high expectations for her as she attends college in Seoul. During her final year in college, she experienced difficulties in finding a job. Following her dream to work at Next In, Bo-ra and Yoo-chan’s lives started to change after their fateful encounter with each other.

Along with Suho and Yeon-soo, this drama stars Oh Chang-suk (Min Tae-joo) as the co-founder of Next In, and actress Kin Ye-won as Tae-joo’s sister, Min Tae-ra. While Tae-joo is described as someone with soft personality with good features, Tae-ra is a confident woman who never fails to succeed at work or love.

Rich Man is one of the highly anticipated Korean dramas of 2018. This drama will mark Suho’s first leading role in a 16-episode TV series, and it will be the return of Ha Yeon-soo to TV Series since 2015.