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Love On Ice

Love On Ice is a 4-episode winter sports drama focusing on ice speed skating, starring Kang Tae-oh (You Are Too Much) and Yeo Hoi-hyun (While You Were Sleeping). The drama is about two short track speed skaters challenging to be the top of the world.

The two boys started training extremely hard for the national team by Coach Sean. Kang Ho-young (Kang Tae-oh) was selected as a pacemaker for Park Eun-ho (Yeo Hoi-hyun). But the coach notices the potential of Ho-young. This causes the two boys to be in rivalry even though they are in the same team.

To make things between them worse, both Ho-young and Eun-ho are interested in the same girl, Ji-na. They fight to be the key person of the team and for Ji-na as well. Can they overcome their rivalry and work together as a team for the Olympic?

Love On Ice is a stunning winter sports drama focusing on ice speed skating where two boys will learn about life through sports. They have to overcome rivalry to aim for the same goal which is winning for the team’s future.

This is a drama about how growing youths discover their dreams, hopes and love through sports!