tvN MoviesWorld’s FIRST and ONLY Korean Blockbuster movie channel – will feature some of the best movies by actors Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub and Song Joong-ki, for a Thursday night Movie Mini-Marathon on 17 August on it’s channel in Malaysia, marking a perfect finale to The Battleship Island Star Tour presented by tvN Movies, where the stars flew from Korea to meet with fans and public in Malaysia on 9 August.

The highly anticipated mall appearance of The Battleship Island stars and director at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur received a record-breaking participation of over 10,000 fans who arrived at the venue before noon in order to find the best spot to catch a glimpse of the mega stars. Entering from the main entrance, the stars and director Ryoo Seung-wan stirred waves of cheers as they walked on the red carpet to the stage where they shared their shooting experience with fans. To conclude the mall appearance the entourage took several group-selfies with all audience to capture the memorable moment. They then joined some of the lucky audience at The Battleship Island Gala Premiere presented by tvN Movies at GSC Pavilion KL to tell them what to expect after watching this Korean blockbuster and encourage them to watch the movie in cinema from 17 August.

The stars and director met with media in Malaysia at a press conference organised by GSC Movies Sdn Bhd and Clover Films, and presented by tvN Movies the next day (10 August), to discuss the making of The Battleship Island in details and revealed some of the most interesting details when shooting the blockbuster.

While The Battleship Island will be available in cinemas, tvN Movies will host a 6-hour movie mini-marathon for subscribers to indulge themselves in the acting world of Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub and Song Joong-ki, bringing audience their signature works: A Violent Prosecutor (19:50; Hwang Jung-min, Kang Dong-won), Rough Cut (22:00; So Ji-sub, Kang Ji-hwan) and A Werewolf Boy (23:55; Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-young). It is a good opportunity for movie-lovers to watch the great works of the actors once again and witness their versatility in acting different roles.

tvN Movies continues to introduce Korean movies to Southeast Asian audiences by presenting multiple top grossing Korean films. In support of the Korean movie industry, tvN Movies will continue to introduce some of the industries’ works to its audiences in the region.

Bringing over 20 first-run Korean movies in the first year premiering exclusively in Malaysia, tvN Movies’ signature time blocks will allow audiences to indulge in its diverse Korean movies library, paired with English, Simplified Chinese as well as Bahasa Malaysia subtitles. tvN Movies is available on Astro GO and Astro TV Channel 435, as well as HyppTV Everywhere and HyppTV Channel 222.