It was not just an afternoon to preview the performance of a young and talented pianist, but Kris Kim looks likely to be the first Kpop singer arising out of Malaysia!

At age 9, Kris Kim moved with his family from South Korea to Malaysia. 16 years later, he is now an accomplished international concert pianist. He received his music education with Yoon Yeo-Won at the Baeksok Conservatory of Music, South Korea; he further studied with Jung Ja Kim, the faculty of the Boston Conservatory, USA; as well as Eda Mazo-Shlyamat, the faculty of the Longy School of Music, Bard College, USA.

From his teens, he has helmed the family business in KL. He recently founded the K Conservatory of Music, where he is opening up his music experience to Malaysians, teaching professional performance in piano; and the K Café, which serves a scrumptious selection of Korean fusion food, including a curious item on the menu –the “bibimbap-nasi lemak.”

His accomplishment in music and entrepreneurship doesn’t stop here. From just being a classical pianist, he is now passionately exploring the pop music scene, having just completed recording several original “K-pop” songs in KL!

Kris Kim started off the media preview by tinkling on the piano, the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. But it was no child’s play, we found out later, as Kris then moved on to surprise everyone by playing in several classical variations.

“I auditioned for SMTown when I was 16. They didn’t choose me for their boy band, but they sent my audition tape to other recording labels. I had my first taste of being a Kpop star when I recorded and released a single in Korea that made the MelOn charts within the top 20.”

Kris impressed with flying fingers by playing the Pirates of The Carribbean soundtrack. Then he moved on to give the media an exclusive preview of his original Kpop recordings, before they find their way to the radio for public listening.

Kris sang his songs with raw emotion, to extremely melodious songs: One Way Love, Clown and Love Letters. The final song that he shared was Shining Star, an upbeat and catchy tune that looks likely to catch on.

Kris Kim’s makeup and hairstyling for the preview was sponsored by Bryan Teh. And his outfit was by the Malaysian designer Max Mak.

He will share his unique musical background with Malaysians on 15th March 2015, 4pm, at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), entitled “It’s Kris Kim” Music Concert.